MeltingPot Challenge 2023

Multi-Agent Dynamics & Mixed-Motive Cooperation

$10,000 Prize Money
Misc Prizes : Travel Grants \$10,000 + Compute Credits \$50,000,

HackAPrompt 2023

Trick Large Language Models

$16,500 Prize Money
0 Travel Grants
3 Authorship/Co-Authorship
Misc Prizes : $21,000 worth of credits, books, and more

$21,000 Cash Prizes Prize Money
Misc Prizes : $10,500 in AWS credits

MosquitoAlert Challenge 2023

Small Object Detection and Classification

Apple Macbook Pro Prize Money
1 Travel Grants

Scene Understanding for Autonomous Drone Delivery (SUADD'23)

Understand semantic segmentation and monocular depth estimation from downward-facing drone images

$50,000 Cash Prizes Prize Money

Visual Product Recognition Challenge 2023

Identify user photos in the marketplace

$15,000 Cash Prizes Prize Money
2 Travel Grants

Food Recognition Benchmark 2022

A benchmark for image-based food recognition

Misc Prizes : DJI Drones, Oculus Quest

NeurIPS 2022: CityLearn Challenge

Using AI For Building’s Energy Management

$15000 Prize Money
3 Travel Grants

NeurIPS 2022: MineRL BASALT Competition

Learning From Human-Feedback

20,000 USD Prize Money
0 Travel Grants
3 Authorship/Co-Authorship
Misc Prizes : Blue Sky 100,000 USD

Data Purchasing Challenge 2022

What data should you label to get the most value for your money?

$20,000 Prize Money
Misc Prizes : 1 x Macbook Pro M1, 4 x Mavic Mini Drones, 4 x Oculus Quest-2

NeurIPS 2022 IGLU Challenge

Interactive embodied agents for Human-AI collaboration

$16500 Prize Money
Misc Prizes : Authorship