NeurIPS 2022 - The Neural MMO Challenge

Replay WebViewer Tutorial

A tutorial on how to render replay using webviewer


1. WebViewer


2. Get the replay lzma file

Each method works. Pick any one you like.

Method 1: Download and unzip

i. Select a submission from our Submissions page by clicking the "view" button.

ii. Click the "Download" button to get a file named "Replay-XXX.zip".

iii. Unzip it and you should have a replay file named "XXX.lzma".

Method 2: Generate the lzma file locally

i. Make sure you have installed the latest neurips2022nmmo.

pip install -U git+http://gitlab.aicrowd.com/neural-mmo/neurips2022-nmmo.git

ii. Modify your local evalualtion code as the example below (example for local evaluation):

  • Set a name for the output lzma file in config.SAVE_REPLAY
In [ ]:
config = CompetitionConfig()
config.SAVE_REPLAY = "XXX" 
ro = RollOut(config, teams, parallel=True, show_progress=True)
ro.run(n_episode=1, render=True)

You should see a replay file named "XXX.lzma" in the same directory when the game ends.

3. Render replay with WebViewer

Upload the replay(XXX.lzma) to WebViewer.


4. Enjoy!